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This page contains recent articles (now archival) and presentations involving the field of Loran as it relates to navigation, positioning and precision timing.

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Articles of Recent Historical Interest

"Loran is Back, Baby" by Bob Gardner, as see in the August 2004 issue of IFR Magazine, offered with permission of Belvoir Publications

"Sole Source Dead: Long Live Loran?" by George Marsh, offered with permission from Avionics Magazine, June 2004

U.S. National Boating Federation endorses Loran as suitable complement and important backup to satellite technology, June 2004

"Report Could Give Loran New Life as GPS Backup" by John Sheridan, offered with permission from Aviation International News, March 2004

"A New Era For Loran," by G. Linn Roth as printed in the August 2004 issue of Avionics Magazine.

"The Road to eLoran" by Mitch Narins, plenary presentation at ENC-GNSS 2004, June 2004

"Integrated GPS/Loran Prototypes for Aviation Applications" by Linn Roth and Mitch Narins as presented at the 4th ICNS Conference and Workshop, April 2004

"Enhanced (E) Loran in Telecommunications Applications" by Linn Roth, presented at the 2004 NIST-T1X1 Workshop on Synchronization in Telecommunication Systems, February 2004


"Is Loran-C the Answer to GPS Vulnerability?" by Dr. David Last as seen in the December 2003 issue of the European Journal of Navigation

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