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Remarks to the Air Traffic Control Association, Nashville, TN, 24 October, 1996 [Transcribed introduction and remarks by DoD's Frank Colson are also included]

"Global Positioning Sense," Proceedings of the International Loran Association, 3-7 November, 1996. 

"Global Positioning Sense II: An Update," Air Traffic Control Association, Washington, DC, 2 Oct 1997 

"The Federal Radionavigation Plan and the FAA Air Traffic Control System of The Future," The DOT/DOD Users Review of the Federal Radionavigation Plan, Washington, DC, 11 Feb 1998 

"A Celestial Partnership", International Loran Association, Danvers, MA, 12 Oct 1998 

"GPS Navigation and the Backup Issue," White House Weekly/GPS World Conference, Washington, DC, 18 Jun 1998 

"Overview of GPS Interference Issues," The John A. Volpe Transportation Systems Center, Cambridge, MA, 27 Aug 1998 

"Teaming with GPS," Air Traffic Control Association, Atlantic City, NJ, 3 Nov 1998 

"The GNSS Safety and Sovereignty Convention of 2000 AD," Phillips Business Information Conference, Washington, DC, 3 Feb 1999 

"Coming to Terms with the GNSS Sole Means Problem," Air Traffic Control Association, Vienna, Austria, 9 Jun 1999 

"The Second Civil GPS Frequency—Clarifying the Assumptions," Avionics Magazine Conference, Bellevue, WA, 28 Oct 1999 

"Pitfalls on the Road to the Golden Age of Navigation," Royal Institute of Navigation / International Loran Association, London, England, 1 Nov 1999 

"Loran and GPS in Aviation," Air Navigation Commission of ICAO, Montreal, Canada, 23 Feb 2000 

"The Significance of SA Off," International Loran Association, Washington, DC, 14 November 2000. 

"Red on the Radar Screen: GPS Dependency Grows," Air Traffic Control Association, Dublin, Ireland, 20 July, 2001. 

"August 29, 2001: A Red-Letter Day for GNSS Positioning and TIming," Statement to DOT Hearing on the Volpe Center GPSD Vulnerability Report, 5 October, 2001. 

"The Hidden Cost of the Lack of ATC Safety Regulation,"  North American Aviation Safety Conference, Atlanta, GA, 5 February, 2003.